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coach outlet faint smile, and said: " Listen to this , two said it touches justified ! "

" Reflection for adults ! " So this kid is so easy to cheat , many people's eyes flashed a hint are lighted , the moment up submissively worship .

coach handbags pressure is reached virtual , face constant smile , slowly got up and said: " ! such circumstances, I can not fail to understand ."

This is a saying that everyone is grin , even the eyes are exposed Lam Ching- day hint of a smile .

coach outlet Huafeng suddenly a turn , said: " ! Unfortunately, I did not dare to disobey orders on top , so be it , this in order to temporarily borrow Gentlemen, if encounter any thorn , so this one, to ensure that the spirits are safe ."

Wrist doubled , "red shade order" suddenly appeared in the hands of coach outlet , sit down the four weeks .

An indifference trails foes .

" Santo adults intentions, but unfortunately also the top mandate under the deadline , the next great responsibility not stay ." Coach outlet with one hand hold the ebony table, indifferent replied.

! " Oh," Ling Zheng Tian eyes flashed a touch of color, and said: "Well , mainly because I am not ready for that never sleeps , so it takes time to gather together Stars began , adults do not know whether a few days of grace ! "

"Yes ah , envoys adults , recently it increasingly difficult to collect taxes , and I 've never sleeps beneath a long time did not receive something from it! " Left-hand side is an old man got up to meet the moment .

coach outlet frowned , surprised Road , "Oh ? There are some who dare to go against the city that never sleeps ? "

" Adults do not know ,coach bags the recent appearance of veins star to have nearly exhausted , we are helpless ah , but always compassionate below Santo adults , unwilling to force too much , this has led to the present situation ! " Which erupted but it is an old guy on the right up , they echoed each other , but secretly mapping the Sword enchanted .

Said to hint , but in reality is a temptation to coach outlet for .

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